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List of Accomplished Projects

Clients Name Projects
Dewan Ajman Offices & Hall - Ajman
Buildings of Ajman Rulers Offices of Govt. of Ajman Offices & Depts - Ajman
Millennium Hotel Fit-out works – Hall- Sharjah
Dhabi Airport -Albotean Department of Transport - Dubai
Ajman Free Zone Departments & Halls , Ajman
Ajman Bank Offices , Reception, Hall - Ajman
Emirates Post Fit-out , Offices – Dubai
Sharjah University VIP hall- Sharjah
Al Jazery Advocate Office Turn Key Interior design, Fit outworks & Office Furniture
Arab Electrical Equipment Turnkey, Fit-out works – Ras Al-Khaimah
2XL Furniture Show Room Showroom , Fujairah
SISCO USA Int’l. Oil &Petroleum company Turnkey, Fit-outworks &Office Furniture Jabal Ali - Dubai
Dafco Contracting Offices - Sharjah
Ajman Immigration Sport club - Ajman
Al Mansoury Jewelry Showroom - Dubai
VIP long At Ajman Free zone Turn Key Interior design, Fit-out works & Office Furniture
Global Resources Int’l. Company Turnkey Interior design, Fit-out works - Dubai
St. Regis Hotel Fit-out , Furniture - Abu Dhabi
Al Rashed Real Estate Turnkey Interior design, Fit-out works & Office Furniture
ARRA- Ajman Real-Estate Regulatory Agency Fit-out Works , Offices - Ajman
MOS-Onshore Oil Services Int’l Petroleum Turnkey Fit-out Works , Offices - Ajman
Land Properties Department Ajman Turnkey Interior design, Fit-outworks & Office Furniture -
Al Shafar Lawyer Trunkey & Fit out - Dubai
Driving School Institute Sharjah Hall , Reception- Sharjah
Ajman Police Ttraffic Dept. ,Offices – Reception Hall - Ajman
Ajman Free zone Investment Offices ,Lunge - Ajman
Technical Art Concept Dubai Turn Key Interior design, Fit-out works & Office Furniture
Al Eihad Schoole VIP Lounge -Sharjah
Gem Line Int’l Showroom, Offices - Sharjah
Buildzone Contracting Company Offices -Dubai
Mideast Metal Offices - Jabal Ali -Dubai
Department of Economic Development Ajman Trunkey Economy Dep.- Ajman
Indigo Furniture Showroom - Dubai
Kito Enterprises Shipping Offices ,Turn Key Fit-out works - Dubai
Oceanic marine contractors Oil Offices , Sharjah & Dubai
Al Serh AL Kabeer Construction LLC Showroom - Sharjah
Ferrari - Race Track Showroom -Sharjah
AlGhurari Groupe Offices ,Turn Key Fit-out works - Dubai
Zakher Marine Turnkey - Abu Dhabi
Sharjah Islamic Bank Hall - Sharjah
Masfot Municipality Hall & Reception -Masffot
Umm Al-Quwain National School Halls & Recitation - Umm Al-Quwain
Sharjah Municipality -Technical Dept. Turn Key Interior design, Fit-out works & Office Furniture
Civil Defense Offices – Ajman Ras Al-Khaimah
Burfin’s Restaurant Restaurant -Ajman- Sharjah - Dubai
Dar Zaid For Culture ( Al AWqaf) Interior Design, Fit-out works & Offices
Jumierah Grope Restaurants , Hotel Hall–Fit-out work- Dubai
Secrets and Secrets Shops - Dubai
Hamadan Award Building Design and Built- Ajman
Saraya Trading Shop& Offices - Dubai
Alfutaim Toyota Show room Fit-out Works offices - Dubai
Al Mawged Restaurant Turnkey Fit-out works, Furniture - Dubai
Alfuttaim Group Showroom - Dubai
Ajman Chamber of Commerce Offices -Ajman
Al Yasmine Clinic Medical Center - Dubai
Ramada Hotel Fit out work Hall, Reception, Restaurant- Ajman
Head to Toe SPA Center Saloon & SPA -Turnkey Fit-out works - Dubai
Sharjah Islamic Bank waiting Area, Reception , Hall - Sharjah
Al Tayer Group Showroom -Dubai
Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Offices - Ajman
Executive Council- Ajman Turn Key Interior design, Fit-out works & Office Furniture